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PriceFrom C$88.99

The tubular head of the BLACKCRAFT soft-face mallets is filled with steel shot. The resulting effect is that the energy of the steel shot is transferred with a slight delay when the mallet's contact surface hits the workpiece. The reduced rebound allows the impact energy to be absorbed with perfect efficiency.

The result is impact of exceptional magnitude. What is more, BLACKCRAFT soft-face mallets allow for work with greatly improved safety, reduced strain on the joints and greater noise-dampening when compared to ordinary steel mallets.

The BLACKCRAFT is fully covered with a polyurethane coating. Aside from keeping the soft-face mallet free from corrosion, this coating protects the workpieces, prevents scratches as well as sparking in case of mis-strikes and has an additional vibration-reducing effect. The thick layer of polyurethane on the impact sides ensures a long service life.

The BLACKCRAFT is furthermore distinguished by its break-proof steel tube handle and an ergonomic, anti-slip grip.

This version is available in sizes ranging from D40mm to D60mm.

Product features:

  • Non-rebound, for extra powerful strikes.
  • Noise-dampening and gentle on the joints.
  • Fully covered with a polyurethane coating: no corrosion, no scratches on the workpiece, no sparking in case of mis-strikes, additional vibration-reducing effect.
  • Long service life thanks to thick polyurethane coating on the impact sides.
  • Ergonomic, anti-slip and break-proof steel tube handle.
  • Available in sizes of D40mm to D60mm.

Application Areas

Assembly and repair work in the automotive and truck sector, changing stucked tires, car body construction, dent removal, positioning und adjusting of workpieces, straightening work, sheet-metal forming, maintenance work, working on components with sensitive surfaces

two weeks lead time
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