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Halder Mallet Block (Art. 3688.001)

Halder Mallet Block (Art. 3688.001)


Included in the promotional box Joiner are the SIMPLEX soft-face mallet 50:40 TPE-soft /
superplastic with aluminium housing and two BESSEY GEARKLAMP GK15.
Its oversized contact surfaces make the SIMPLEX soft-face mallet 50:40 (Art. 3117.051) ideal
for joiner's work. The plus size of the inserts keeps the extra lightweight aluminium housing from
striking the workpiece, preventing undesired damage.
The SIMPLEX 50:40 with its insert combination of superplastic and TPE-soft offers the user two
hammers in one thanks to the proven SIMPLEX principle.
The blue, extra soft TPE-soft insert makes it possible to join pieces of wood in a material-friendly
way. As an added benefit, TPE-inserts do no leave behind any undesirable colour marring - unlike
many other soft-face mallets.
Conversely, the hard, very durable superplastic insert delivers substantially improved impact force
and allows the user to drive in fittings and dowels with exceptional ease.
The gear clamp GEARKLAMP GK 15 (Art. GK15) allows for clamping in the tightest of spaces
as the handle was placed away from the axis of the spindle and slipped over the rail of the screw
clamp. The user can thus transmit the clamping force to the spindle with each turn, utilising
the mechanism concealed in the sliding arm. The gear clamp is considerably more compact
compared to conventional screw clamps or one-handed clamps.
Product features:
• SIMPLEX soft-face mallet with the insert combination of TPE-soft (blue, soft, no marring) /
superplastic (white, medium hard, very durable).
• Oversized D50mm contact surfaces built into the D40mm housing provide maximum protection
during work on sensitive surfaces.
• Its extra lightweight aluminium housing makes the soft-face mallet extremely handy and allows
the user to control the right amount of impact force (ideal for work on materials that break
• The SIMPLEX principle: All parts can be replaced / retrofitted, resulting in great savings in cost
and resources.
• Two GEARCLAMP GK15 from BESSEY as a bonus:
• No disturbing tool components in the work area.
• Ergonomic handling in every clamping situation guaranteed.
• Extremely versatile and suitable for use in the tightest of spaces.
• 2-component plastic handle for safe handling.
• Quick-slide button for quick adjustment of the sliding arm.
• Pressure plate for perfect adaptation to the workpiece.
• Plastic housing of the sliding arm protects the drive mechanism from dust and chips.

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SKU: 3688.001
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